Opal™ 7 Immunology Discovery Kit

Part Number: OP7DS2001KT

Detail Information

The Opal 7 Immunology Discovery Kit enables phenotyping of T cells, B cells and macrophages, with 3 open channels for user-selected targets.

Opal is a practical workflow for the simultaneous detection of up to six tissue biomarkers plus nuclear counterstain within a single image, similar to standard immunohistochemistry (IHC).

The Opal 7 Immunology Discovery Kit includes all the critical workflow reagents to enable phenotyping of T cells, B cells and macrophages, with 3 open channels for user-selected targets, using 6-plex fluorescent immunohistochemistry:

  • Antibodies to CD4, CD8 & CD68
  • Antibody diluent
  • 6-plex fluorescent IHC detection reagents
  • Spectral DAPI
  • Antigen retrieval buffers

To develop a custom panel for investigation of the immune response, the user pairs this kit with antibodies to 3 additional targets of interest. This kit was configured and validated for multispectral imaging on the Vectra and Mantra Systems. Contains enough reagents for 6-plex immunostain of 50 slides.

  • Optimized panel for assessment of immune cells in intact FFPE tumor tissue
  • Shortest path to results
  • Part of the Phenoptics workflow for immunophenotyping of solid tumors
  • Flexibility for detection of your targets of interest in multiplex panels
  • Faster time-to-results



Assay Target CD4,CD8,CD68, and three open channels
Automation Compatible No
Detection Method MSI, Fluorescence
Fluorophore Opal 520,Opal 540,Opal 570,Opal 620,Opal 650,Opal 690
Product Brand Name Opal
Quantity in a Package Amount 1.0 per pack
Shipping Condition Blue Ice
Target Species Human
Unit Size 50 slides


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Publication: Linch, Stefanie N., et al. "Combination OX40 agonism/CTLA-4 blockade with HER2 vaccination reverses T-cell anergy and promotes survival in tumor-bearing mice." Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 113.3 (2016): E319-E327

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